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The Employment Equity Paradox - 2013-07-19

NOT much has changed in Employment Equity in South Africa over the last two years. 19 April 2013 | Kentse Radebe   When looking at top line demographics, the private sector is still dominated by white males when it comes to senior and executive level management.  Skilled and educated Africans, Indians and coloureds are catchin... more

Government on the hunt for Employment Equity defaulters - 2013-07-19

By: Sapa 12th March 2013  TEXT SIZE       The draft Employment Equity Amendment Bill could soon introduce far reaching changes to the act to ensure South Africa's compliance with international labour standards, the labour department said on Tuesday. The department presented its proposals t... more

Red flags raised over labour Bills - 2012-10-18

 The department of labour's own consultants warn of job losses and undermining of workers' rights. A regulatory impact assessment of controversial proposed changes to labour laws gazetted last month has warned that major damage could be inflicted on the labour market if some provisions are put into effect. The assessment was conducted by the... more

Unhealthy obsession with numbers - 2012-10-18

  An ongoing threat to labour relations in South Africa is the parochial attitude of government, employers and some in the human resources profession. Issues of workplace discrimination, absenteeism, low productivity, adversarial workplace relations and a growing litigious culture are a global phenomenon. And although South Africa certainly... more

Amendments to Employment Equity Act 'unconstitutional' - 2012-10-18

  Proposed amendments to the Employment Equity Act calling for a massive racial realignment employment quotas were unconstitutional and will create enormous problems if they implemented, the Democratic Alliance said on Sunday. “We have said that we will look seriously at challenging these laws in court, because these proposed laws appear t... more

Employment equity shows little progress - 2012-10-18

Proposed changes to the Employment Equity Act will severely penalise companies that lag behind on transformation if they come into effect, including hefty fines for noncompliance. But companies still have a long way to go to achieve greater representation of black people, women and people with disabilities in the workplace. The Commission for Empl... more

Companies still unaware of equity reporting - 2012-10-18

Many companies are still unaware of their reporting obligations in terms of the Employment Equity Act. Business law firm Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr said on Monday that the deadline for manual reporting to the department of labour was October 1. The deadline for electronic reporting via the department of labour’s website was January 15 2011, said Gil... more

10 Years prison for offenders - 2012-07-31

The amended Employment Equity Act currently before parliament has severe penalities for non-compliance. It proposes that it become a criminal offence if Employment Equity Plans are not submitted by qualifying enterprises and that the penalty be increased to a maximum of 10 (ten) years imprisonment for the offending CEO or owner. Also, it... more

SETA's merger and changes - 2012-02-25

Some of the SETA's have recently merged and we are awaiting feedback from SARS as well as Department of Higher Education and Training. Due to these changes some entities will have to be moved to a different SETA. As soon as they have decided and informed us we will contact all our clients affected to assist with the documentation.... more