+ What is the criteria to be able to claim?

+ What do we need to do?

+ What are your costs?

+ Can we do it ourselves?

+ Why do we have to pay SDL?

+ Will we receive our money?

+ What documents do you need from us to get started?

+ Why outsource it to you if we can do it ouselves?

+ What is the use of you deducting money of Poor Petrol attendants for this Skills Development? , what additional skills are we actually getting? , no training no skills who are you really developing at our expence ?,It was better for you to train us to achieve better in lfe than Stealing our R44 a month for nothing this is Fraud what are we benefiting from from this day light Robery? Im very Dissapointed in this you have been deducting my money for 2yrs now what for? What do i get?

+ What are Moulder Skills Development's Terms and Conditions?

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